Custom curtains. You ask, we make!

Curtains Place, a site we created for customers to buy custom drapes, custom valances and custom sheers online; based in Edmonton.

(In Edmonton), why do we sell custom curtains online?

Fashion designs: There are hundreds of designs displayed on our site with vivid details. Each selection of our window treatments were created for a certain setting, to perfectly fit with the best combination of your fibers, patterns, colors and even hardware. You can simply choose any custom made curtains for your room in Edmonton.

High quality: Well trained workers and the best manufacturers of curtains and drapes are not always available in your area. We find high quality and efficient manufactures to guarantee the perfect production of the custom made drapes and custom window valances for Edmonton people.

Low price: The price of made to measure curtains Edmonton, at Curtains Place can be purchased for  less than half of the regular cost. We save the expenses of traditional storefronts and show rooms.

For custom curtains and drapes shopping at Edmonton Curtains Place, you only need to measure three dimensions and attach two photos of your window. Simply upload them online to our curtain specialists, and you will receive your ordered products of window curtains in three weeks.  Additionally, we are happy visit your home and perform these services for you if you wish.

Curtain Place is the place to look and purchase any made to order curtains in Edmonton. Save money, enjoy fashionable and quality window coverings!


Featured products

BROADLEAF European Style Curtain

MARSEILLE Oriental Style Curtain

TUNIS Oriental Style Curtain

JAMARI Oriental Style Curtain

FELICITE Oriental Style Curtain

FAWNE Oriental Style Curtain

URSANNE Oriental Style Curtain

URDORF Country Style Curtain

SARNEN Country Style Curtain

MALOJA Country Style Curtain

LYSS Country Style Curtain

LANGNAU Country Style Curtain

HORGEN Country Style Curtain

GSTAAD Country Style Curtain

SYDNEY Contemporary Style Curtain

NAPLES Country Style Curtain

RAINTREE Country Style Curtain

FRANCISCO European Style Curtain

SHANTELLE European Style Curtain

QUITERIE European Style Curtain

TEMPEST European Style Curtain

GRENOBLE Contemporary Style Curtain

PRUNUS Contemporary Style Curtain

MONROVIA Contemporary Style Curtain

TAEDA Contemporary Style Curtain

NYSSA Contemporary Style Curtain

ORCHID European Style Curtain

CAMBRIDGE Contemporary Style Curtain

FRANGIPANI Country Style Curtain

ROSLIN Contemporary Style Curtain

LACY Contemporary Style Curtain

DREW Contemporary Style Curtain

VALENCE Childrens Curtain

TRIFINE Oriental Style Curtain

DORI Contemporary Style Curtain